Cpd4chiro has a selection of modules that can contribute to your Formal Learning Hours (FLA) as required for your continuing professional development.

Our workshops are available for all to read and learn from. Please choose from the selection of programs located at the left of the screen.

All programs included on this website have been assessed by the Chiropractors Association of Australia (National) Ltd , an approved assessing body of the Chiropractic Board of Australia, and allocated Formal Learning Activity Hours as listed.

To achieve Formal Learning Hours, the associated assessment must be successfully completed. These assessments are completed online, and an example that relates to each module can be found within each page to the left of the screen.

OUR FEES. $10 per allocated Formal Learning Hour.
The reading material is free to read and learn from. You will only be invoiced upon successful completion of the associated assessment material.

$15 for 1.5 FLA hours (Radiographic Landmarks Spine)
$40 for 4.0 FLA hours (Chiropractic Radiopgraphy)
$60 for 6.0 FLA hours (Outcome Assessment & Measurement)
$70 for 7.0 FLA hours (Radiographic Landmarks - Upper Limb)